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ZeSpectre, your balloon challenge link is dead, are you going to post your challenge matches here. If you do I will play. Snowed last night, rained all day, must be Spring in Wisconsin, I am ready to play.

As for targets set ups it depends on the purpose. 25 and 50 yards is my usual, 100 when I am serious, and 200 when I feel like chuckles and giggles.

7-15 yards is for serious SD drill where I use one and both hands, weak and strongside, in the open and from behind a barricade. I practice drawing strong side, cross draw and weak side. I shoot both single and multiple targets. A 30 minute drill and I am done for the day because I am wiped out. Getting old is a pain in the keester and most of my other joints too. Not fun so I don't do it as often as I should, twice a month if I think of it once a month summer and winter is average.

Last time I shot was 25 yards off hand with 41 mag, 44 mag, 357 mag and then finished up with 45 cap and ball, all revolvers. In retrospect I should have fired the 45 first and the 44 last but sometimes the old dinosaur isn't very bright. Funny thing is my two best groups were with the 44 and the 45, usually my best is with the 41 magnum. It was just one of those days.
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