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It seems that you are a "thinker". Be careful, or they will promote you to warden.

I don't much care about the why, as it holds no interest to me. I would much rather deal with the here and now and then move on. There were a few cases of CO's being targeted on the outside, IIRC, in the links I posted. Not that there isn't a "bad apple" in the CO Barrel now and again, I just don't think abuse or being "dirty" is the reason for a lot of things inmates do to staff on the inside or the outside.

I've managed to make enemies on the inside. Thinking like a straight person, I don't think anyone is after me. That does not mean however that an ex-inmate won't take the time to settle the score on the outside if the opportunity presents itself.

All one can do LEO, CO, or John Q Public is to be prepared as best they can. Given the nature of the people CO's are around daily increases the danger and liklihood of something happening, even if it never comes to fruition.

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