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There's a world of difference between "target" shooting and "self defense" shooting.

In one you are trying for those nice tight groups (and high scores) in the other the only thing you care about is "minute of bad guy".

Personally I work pretty hard to have decent groups at 25, 50, and sometimes (if I'm feeling really "in the zone") 100 yards, with a pistol because I figure that's training with the important basics of breathing, trigger control, etc. and if you can hit at those distances you most certainly can hit closer.

However, doing "moving" drills or any of several other types of close-quarters stuff I tend to use a pie-plate sized or manform target at distances where self-defense might actually take place (contact distance to 15 yards) since I generally believe that if someone is more than 15 yards away it's probably not a "shooting" scenario it's probably a "run-away" scenario.

The other thing I love is to post the "hardcore balloon challenge" target. You shoot that one close (30ft) but it requires very subtle control and it's a LOT harder than most people think because you have to make these tiny little adjustments after EVERY shot to line up the next one.
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