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Biker, I understand what you are saying. Kinda like trying to understand why a serial killer does what they do. If your brain isn't disfunctional its hard to understand.

Someone that thinks like you is despised and seen only as a "mark", victim, or other terminology in the mind of a criminal.
Now this suggests that I don't fully understand what criminals are capable of. Remember my question of why, followed by my answer of abuse, in no way means I don't think that bad guys do crap for no reason. As I said in my entire life, much of which has been spent dealing with guns and less than stellar pawn clientel, I don't recall ever hearing of a CO being targeted by a released inmate simply because they remembered them from inside. No evidence to indicate otherwise has been presented. I'm left wondering why all the worry by off duty CO's about this particular threat?

BTW to date I have yet to be victimized by those you speak of.
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