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There are a lot of different models of the Rockchucker press out there ... and you can see some of them in this ebay link...

this link is also handy for you to see what parts your press is missing - and I'll defer to others on specifically which model it is ..

You can buy a Rockchucker Press - complete with all the parts - and little if any rust - at any gunshow I've ever been to for under $ 50 ( and have at least a dozen of them to choose from).

At my gun club it seems like once or twice a year ---someone brings in a box of old reloading stuff ..( take whatever you want ) with a variety of Rockchucker parts / and sometimes a press in there... / and on Sunday afternoons at a gunshow might walk away with one free ...or certainly under $ 20 with some accessories ( a guy that drug a bunch of them in there / sure doesn't want to lug them back out to his truck at the end of the show). At my local show last month ...there was a table that had at least 6 of them for sale...
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