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About 12 or 15 years ago, my condo was broken into while I was in my home office. I heard some noise and started towards the front door. At first I thought it was maintenance coming to do some work until I saw two guys with guns. Because of circumstances that would take too long to explain here, they probably thought I was not at home and they were surprised as I was. The results of their surprise was a volley of bullets, some of which hit me while I was running down the hallway heading back for my home office. To make a long story short, I played dead while they quickly grabbed valuable art work and some electronics. I was bleeding profusely and struggling to maintain consciousness. When I heard them leave, I found the telephone and called 911. I had the telephone in my hand, made my way to the front door and locked it, hoping the police would arrive before the crooks came back for any more stuff. The dispatcher told me the police were at my front door so I opened it only to be looking down the barrels of six Glocks pointed at me. Not a good night but I'm here to tell the tale. What lessons did I learn. All the doors and windows stay locked with deadbolts engaged at all times. I have a super-duper alarm system installed in my house...I moved out of the condo. I have a four-legged early warning system. I have a gun on me 24/7 except when in the shower and when I sleep, its on the nightstand next to the bed. There is a gun hidden in every room of the house. I was not married at the time of the shooting but I am now. My wife knows never to open the door until we are 100% satisfied that we know who/what is on the other side.
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