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Yep, and when you imply that (potential) victims are somehow to blame for whatever trouble may find them, they take it personally as well
Sorry you took it like that. I was simply asking a question and giving the only reason I would have (if I was incarcerated) for wanting to get back at someone doing their job as an CO.

I suspect that the danger of an ex inmate seeking revenge on a recognized CO in public is very low. This is why we have only one account (and here-say at that) of this actually happening. We have many more (here-say) reports to the contrary, reports of released inmates being polite.

The evidence provided in fact does suggest that CO's are just as likely as regular civilians to be victims of crime. This alone is reason enough to justify carrying everywhere.

GarryC's encounter which ended his going to town unarmed seems more to do with the up tick in crime and gangs than it does with animosity due to the CO job as evidenced by the vast majority of former inmates who do nothing after release.

As to answer the OP's question.....
What say you to a KAHR CW9 or CW40?
I owned a CW9 and it was a good little gun. I currently own a PM9 and it fits a good niche. That said if I was facing potential gang threat I would opt for a hi capacity firearm like my G19. Since gangs often hang out in numbers the higher capacity could come into play.

It would be unnecessary to change anything as far as preparation against an ex inmate who does wish to exact revenge as I would already be prepared for the gang risk. This provided that I already use excellent situational awareness and remain in condition yellow as often as possible.
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