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+1 on the DGW catalog, and/or the Lyman Black Powder Handbook.

But in the mean time:

Generally a .440 round ball will suffice in those; any differences in bore dimensions can be adjusted for using different thickness patch material. I'd start with 0.010" in each just to see what they do. A good starting load would be 20 grains by volume of fffg.

Ball starter/pistol loading rod combination
powder measure, adjustable
power flask or horn
capper (optional)
cleaning jag
patch puller attachment (optional)
ball puller attachment (optional)
cleaning patches
shooting patches (0.010, 0.015, 0.018, 0.020)
patch lube (use spit to start)
loading stand (highly recommended)

Forget the kits - you can do better on prices shopping around for individual items.
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