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Where's your statistics to prove that ex-cons only attack COs who abuse them?

Don't have any. As I stated in my post it was just my thought. I'm curious as I can't recall a single time in my life of ever hearing of a released convict attacking a CO he recognized while off duty. Still waiting for the stats to support the claim.

Understand it doesn't matter to me which way this goes. If I'm wrong so be it. I will be enlightened. However when folks call me names for asking a question it becomes somewhat personal.
Yep, and when you imply that (potential) victims are somehow to blame for whatever trouble may find them, they take it personally as well.

I expect that there are no readily available statistics to prove the point one way or another. The folks that actually work in that situation probably have a better grasp of what really goes on than someone who never has, I suspect.

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