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Shoot the cops? Great plan of action. Thanks for sharing. Next time be sure to compete the circle by including the expected response to that.


As for what to do should the police make a dynamic entry into your home, presumably because they believe they should be doing so, mistaken or not? Remember, we're talking about people that you believe to be the police. There's really no good advice to offer other than to comply at that point.
No, we are not talking about people I believe to be the police. The talk would be about shooting intruders.

Now if you are going up against the folks like TXAZ describes, it might be a losing proposition either way. If you are going against the OP's setup, that is another story.

Police have been shot during mistaken home invasions and homeowners have been cleared of wrong doing as a result, though nobody is happy.

I would expect most TFL'ers could shoot better than the average street cop and certainly the average thug, but I expect few could out shoot the SWAT guys in a tactical situation of their choosing. May each of you never have to find out.
SWAT may be good shots, but when they screw up, they often screw up on a very grand scale.

Original incorrect report from right after the event...

Apparently 369 rounds were fired.
Good shots? Great shots, usually. Here, less than 1% hit human targets and none of the human targets were intentional hits. The barricaded guy was apparently hit while hiding in a closet, totally unseen. One officer killed, one wounded.

So fighting SWAT could result in fighting heavy intentional fire or heavy confused fire. Both would be bad.
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