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Wondering if Erik's response is directed at mine? Or was the order the message contribution appeared of no significance. If it isn't, then obviously ignore the following.

In case it was was, simply put better to get a shot off at someone you don't believe to be police than (as others here noted) to find out too late it isn't. The part concerning how police need to be reactive should extend to the system behind them. Namely the courts, which means they should investigate as thoroughly as they can as to whether correct procedure was observed. If the police identified themselves correctly etc.

Few videos out there which even show people with weaponary like sports equipment, getting shot. For a couple of those videos it just appears the police didn't take the due care identifying themselves given the condition of the householder. Certainly under the conditions (drowsy householder at a distance to police) the police over-reacted.

Yes, some innocent people might get shot or even die as the police then return fire on a householder thinking they're armed invaders. That should be everyone's personal decision to return fire or not.

Intersting story regarding the L.A riots, when National Guard soldiers fired on a homeowner who thought it was rioters pretending to police. Suffice to say, when an m-60 fires on your house, you know who it is and surrender.

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