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Can someone help me and point me towards a good site to purchase cast SWC for loading on my Dilon XL 650. I have a bunch of brass and have not loaded any 38 Specials t. I usually load 9mm and 45 ACP.
I am shooting a 2 inch barrel J frame and want a comfortable load to shoot.
Lymans 49th has a lot of load data for cast bullets and I would like to start loading these as I use this pistol for S.D. in the winter as it is easy to carry with a pocket holster with a winter coat. I have a laser on it and it is a fun little gun to shoot. I usually shoot 1911 9mm and 45ACP So I need to buy all of the dies and tool head. I like shooting this little revolver and want to start doing it with out the price of buying boxes of 50 new pre-loaded.
Thanks for the help
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