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Arcticap, the owner just told me that "Uberti" and other information was UNDER the barrel. I didn't ask him what other symbols or other details were UNDER the barrel. I did see some symbols on the right side of the frame though and one of them was a "CD" in a rectangle as you can see here....

It may be that the "CD" is the factory proof date code for the year 2009.

But I'm just going by this below scale supplied in an earlier thread by MyKeal, and I'm not sure if this scale is for all Italian BP revolvers or just for ASM's. Here's what MyKeal wrote regarding another member's ASM BP revolver on March 29, 2011 (couple of days ago) in the "Won a cap and ball revolver, need help" thread....

MyKeal wrote:
It was manufactured by Armi San Marco (ASM), not Uberti.

There will be two Italian proof marks at various places on the gun; one consists of the letters PN under a 5 pointed star inside a garland, the other a shield under the same star/garland.

There will also be either a two letter code inside a square box or a roman numeral-like code without the box; this identifies the year when the gun was proofed by the Italian proof houses.

Here's the date decoder ring:

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