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Insurance is not free, however, I understand what you are saying. Just because someone will replace it (because I have paid them for years to do so) does not mean I am going to forget about it.

Attorneys who are looking through my records at some future date, know this. If your client or his survivors is caught by me stealing my property, he will have every chance to comply with my demands...but if I feel my life or the life of another is at risk, He is going to get a pill or two where it counts. I am not ashamed or afraid to announce this

Is my truck worth a life? Thats a question that should be asked to the man who decides to take the risk. You could be hung for stealing cattle in the old day, and I think in Texas you still can. If the guy is down the street, im not going to shoot...But if the guy is caught in the act, you can bet the gun is coming out in preparation for some type of confrontation.

Maybe I have a higher respect for personal property...But not all lives are the same to me. If I find myself in a situation where I am about to hit a person, or I could swerve into a brick wall and total my truck, then the life is worth more and I will sacrifice my truck. If I find a man stealing my property, his life is worth little in my eyes...

God bless you all anyway.
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