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Did you learn what that carbine's date code is?
At least then you would be able to note the era when it was made.
Perhaps it was an early model with limited production, or just an attempt to make an improvement that didn't work out and thus was only temporary.
The sight does look like most standard 1858 target model sights which would save on production costs, but maybe it wasn't as well suited for use with the carbine.
That sight is held closer to the eye with the stock attached and may not be as clear as when the sight is located farther down the barrel.
Doesn't the current rear sight also have an adjustable stepped riser to increase its range of elevation compared to that standard revolver type sight?
Like they say, hindsight is 20/20 and maybe Uberti didn't test it thoroughly before that style of sight went into production or their engineers thought that it was adequate for most folks needs but then found that it wasn't ideal.

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