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There was a video of a NJ CO sitting on the front steps of his brownstone when an ex-inmate attacked him. CO was armed, killed ex inmate. No, I don't remember where the story was from except the state and I don't have a link. Was actually shown it in briefing once. I also knew a murderer who did 25 flat who would NEVER attack a female CO - he'd wait until the next male officer came by to attack. He's been out for a few years now, left the state, have no idea what he's done since then.
1700 inmates on one yard? I'll believe it - last yard I ran as a Sgt had 1200 with 32 staff, including me.
We have always had the same carry authority as any LEO in AZ, but the law changes makes that pretty meaningless except when I go to school for my son.
Carry what you are comfortable with and can shoot well. If a 38 revolver is what you do best with, then carry it. Better six well aimed shots than 32 randoms into a condo behind the BG. practice reloads with good speedloaders.
For those who haven't been inside the wire involuntarily, contact your local DOC for a tour - they can be arranged.
DOC, doing 20 years, 8 hours at a time.
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