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Not only that...

... but freenokia, flyboyjake, and Constantine, you are putting yourselves on record on the forum as saying you'd probably chase, and try to find a justification to shoot, anybody who stole your property.

The internet isn't anonymous, and deleting posts doesn't really make them go away.

Comments like yours could bring down a world of misery if you ever get involved in any sort of shooting incident, because there are good odds that prosecutors or tort attorneys will go through your online history, looking for this kind of thing.

Just a thought.

Otherwise, freenokia, "Stand your ground" laws don't normally apply to vehicles if you are not in them, and they normally also don't cover shooting at people who are trying to escape or elude. There are very few places in the US where a citizen can do this... even in Texas, the law usually requires that the incident occur at night, and/or the property be something that can't be readily replaced.

Your (presumably) insured vehicle wouldn't meet that criterion.
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