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Guys...the truck's INSURED---right? You'll get your money--OR replacement value for the truck back.

So, you invested 2 years worth of salary/wages in the truck? I can see where it means a lot, and where it costs a lot.

Will the equivalent of that salary or wages pay for the attorney's fees you'll need to defend yourself, even for a successful, defensible shoot?

Will that salary repay the wages lost if a grand jury returns a true bill--meaning you go to trial for the shooting?

Is making the thief suffer worth the loss of your job if you're convicted of manslaughter--or, if you pursue the thief, charges of outright murder? How about the time lost while you sit in prison?

And--of course it's worth the felony conviction and all that it entails.

LET IT GO. I don't care HOW much the truck is worth, is it REALLY worth a man's (or even a woman's) life?

And finally, think about it...even if it IS a good shoot, think about the ensuing conversation down the road...

"Yep, some idiot stole my truck. I got out to the driveway in time, and put a round right through his head. Went to court for it, and of course it was justified. Had a time cleaning out the truck though---think they missed some of the brains, though--stinks in here sometime. And, I had to buy some seat covers, blood doesn't seem to come out..."
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