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Continued from previous post:

Model 1908

The Clement model 1908 appears to continue the same numbering series as the 1907. Legend remains "-AUTOMATIC PISTOL CLEMENT'S PATENT-".

It is noteworthy that the earliest production 1908 pistols still had safety markings in French ("FEU" and "SUR"). Following is the lowest serial numbered model 1908 I have recorded, and the only one observed with French safety markings:

No. 7189

Soon after production began on this model, the safety markings changed to English ("FIRE" and "SAFE"):

No. 8841 (marked "BELGIUM" on the right side)
No. 8918 (marked "BELGIUM" on the right side)
No. 9020 (cannot confirm presence or absence of "BELGIUM" marking - no photo of pistol's right side)
No. 9148 (marked "BELGIUM" on the right side)

At this point in production, a transverse pin appears at the extreme point of the grip tang (where the web of one's hand would be when grasping the gun). Judging from the excellent pictures of a disassembled late 1908 (No. 10775) on Gerhard Schoenbauer's "Vest Pocket Pistol Collector" website (see link to site in post #7), it looks like this pin secures the upper end of a self-contained unit incorporating the mainspring and other components related to driving the hammer. This unit appears fitted into the backstrap of the pistol and looks quite similar to the one found in 1909 pistols, though lacking the quick release lever of that model. Whether earlier 1908 pistols had such a unit, though secured in the frame differently, or whether the design of the earlier varation differed more substantially, is not known to me.

No. 10775
No. 11154

End of data for Model 1908. To be continued with the Model 1909.

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