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An off-duty prison officer was assaulted yesterday after gang members tried to steal his Harley Davidson motorbike in Kaikohe.
When the men left the saloon, they exchanged words with four men outside the bar, said Fairfax police Sgt. Chris Morin. One of the guards was then punched in the face, sending him falling backward.
but said investigators didn�t believe the animosity had anything to do with his role as a prison guard.
Biker, Unfortunately not a single link you provided suggested that the bad guys were committing the act because of the CO job. Bar fights, robbery, cycle theft, and court testimony are some that come to mind.

In your mind how does ordinary crime that happens to a CO equal an increase in danger from former inmates?

That should be enough to prove that CO's face danger on the outside.
BTW I never said CO's don't face danger outside prison. We all do. Crime happens to everyone.

So please provide proof that the danger CO's face on the outside is higher due to their job. Try reading the linked articles next time.
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