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It was a rather calm day out on the ocean, where three men, a Rabbi, A Priest and a lawyer were fishing.

It soon became evident that they were not going to be very successful, as the waters were rather infested with sharks.

Deciding to return to shore, the Rabbi tries to start the outboard. It doesn't even sputter! Exasperating the situation even more, the trio had forgotten to bring oars. They were stuck.

After a brief wait, the lawyer stands up and strips off his clothes. "Toss me the line when I jump in, and I'll tow us to shore!" he says. With that, he jumps in the water.

The Rabbi is startled, as the lawyer takes the line and begins to swim, towing the boat towards the shore. The Rabbi looks at the sharks and is becoming stressed. Nonplussed, the Priest looks at the Rabbi and calmly says, "Professional courtesy."
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