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Question on two different rear sights on 1858 revolving carbine.

The Uberti 1858 Remington revolving carbine has the rear leaf sight attached to the barrel forward of the cylinder like this...

But I recently saw an 1858 revolving carbine with an adjustable rear sight that looks a lot like a Pietta adjustable rear sight located on the receiver just forward of the hammer like this....

So I don't think it would be another version of the Uberti. I've never seen an Uberti with a rear sight on their revolving carbines like that.

I don't remember Pietta manufacturing the 1858 revolving carbine but that doesn't mean they didn't, just that I don't remember them doing it.

Can anyone ascertain exactly who manufactured this carbine and if it was/is as good as the Uberti?

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