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Continued from previous post:

Model 1907

With the introduction of the Clement model 1907 6.35mm/.25ACP pistol, the numbering series appears to have begun once more at number 1.

The following early 1907s have breechblocks with rounded, or convex, sides (on which the grasping grooves are cut). Legend is "-AUTOMATIC PISTOL CLEMENT'S PATENT-". Safety markings are in French ("Feu" and "Sur"). Magazine catch is located on backstrap in the manner of the 1903 model.

No. 810
No. 1134
No. 1144
No. 1616
No. 1935

Somewhere after No. 1935, the sides of the breechblock became straight.

No. 2047
No. 3910

Somewhere after No. 3910, the magazine catch was relocated to the lower rear corner of the left grip.

No. 5739
No. 6297

End of data for the Model 1907. To be continued with the Model 1908.
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