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[The serial number is #132707 and is stamped on the bottom of the reciever ahead of the lever pivot, and on the steel butt of the forestock where there is also an 'F' stamp, AND on the forestock wood where the steel butt is mounted.
-It is a takedown model
-It is a straight lever
-I have 2 bbls. for it. (a '22HP' that I believe is the one that is the original,
and a '30-30' bbl)


The SN dates as made in 1913,
the configuration (confirmed by the "F" stamp) is that of a Model 99F Featherweight, which was a 20' bbl'd takedown, available in .22HP, .30-30, & .303 Savage.
( 22" in .250/3000 or 24" in .300 Savage)

The thing is, that Savage didn't introduce the Model 99F Featherweight until about 1925.

Maybe, the receiver, etc, was warehoused from 1913, until it was finished & stamped after 1925 as a 99F........

I dunno, I wasn't there.

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