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I admit I messed with my load, tweaking till I got the best accuracy I could, then I cheated!

I scribed a line on the back of the scale slider at the point where everything "came together" It seems to be 29 Gr as near as I can tell.
Then I bought a 30 grain powder spout, & measured it (28 Gr, Curses!) Used a chamfer/deburr tool from the reloading bench to taper the sharp shoulder inside the join with the flask & spout (30 Gr Drat!) & finally filed & chamferred/deburred the tip of the spout to 29 Gr (whoopee!).

What I do now is drop the 29 Grs into the measure which is set to 30 Gr. If the dispensed load JUST stops shy of the top of the cavity I have a good load & have a buffer for safety between the flask & the cylinder.
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