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What's odd to me is that the Model 14 has a much taller front sight (but the shallow rear sight blade) - see picture below. Since the Model 14 shoots low (I have to obscure the center of target with the sights at 50 yards), I went ahead and ordered the deep notch sight (.160) for it and the same for the 17.
Your M14 .38 shoots a heavier bullet that your M17 .22LR. Since POI rises as bullet weight increases, your M14 has a taller front sight to compensate for the higher POI.

You'd typically match the blade height if you're not changing the front sight, but if you can't adjust the factory sight for a 6 o'clock hold at 50 yards, the deep notch sight would help if it's also taller.

However, if it is taller, it might turn out to be too tall for shorter shots. PPC shooters often use(d) adjustable rear and front sights. Short of a custom gun with a sight rib installed, the stock front sight can be milled off, and a Weigand interchangeable sight base installed. Interchangeable sights can be swapped in seconds, so you can have whatever hold you like at both distances.
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