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Originally Posted by natman
It only affects imported guns.
Originally Posted by thallub
It has nothing to do with Remington or any other US made shotgun.
What both of you appear to be missing is that the "sporting purposes" language appears in other aspects of gun control laws as well. As I pointed out above when I gave you the citation to the statute - 18 USC 921 (4)(B), a link to the statute, and posted the words from the statute in this thread - every domestically produced shotgun with a bore of greater than 0.50" is considered by current law to be a destructive device unless it is generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes.

So if a shotgun can be banned for import because it is NOT generally recognized as particularly suitable for sporting purposes as determined by the Attorney General, what does that suggest about the consequences for domestically produced shotguns?

Originally Posted by thallub
Every action that has banned a shotgun from import was done under the "sporting purposes" clause of the GCA 1968.
Exactly three shotguns have been banned (in 1984) from import due to not being "particularly suitable for sporting purposes" - the USAS-12, Striker-12 and the Streetsweeper. However, an important point is that ATF had never developed at that point (and still hasn't) a formal criteria for what made a shotgun "suitable for sporting purposes." Also relevant, please note that at the same time ATF banned them from further import, they also classified those shotguns already imported into the United States as "destructive devices" under 18 USC 921 (4)(B). Meaning that not only are shotguns of that design banned from import, they cannot be produced domestically without following NFA rules.

That is what the point of the above linked study is. They are now attempting to establish the criteria for what is "suitable for sporting purposes" in regards to imported shotguns. The problem is once that determination is made for imported shotguns, it makes the status of domestic shotguns with those same features very tenuous due to 18 USC 921 (4)(B).
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