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This was one o' them top drawer mixes. Rotometal pure lead, Rotometal Linotype 50-50 mix. Everything came out wrinkled and rounded. Turned up the pot. Wrinkled. Turned up....wrinkled....turned up....wrinkled.....eventually frosted.

I don't think the Linotype was linotype. It was marked lino.....but what else could it be except too little tin? And real lino should have plenty of tin and I should end up with a 2-6-92 mix? No graininess. So maybe no zinc?

Went to a real store today. A contractors supply store cause I KNOW they are not using $35.75 a roll solder to build houses! Got a couple lbs of 40-60 and some stuff from Lenox with Tin Copper and Selenium in it. Anybody know what the copper or selenium will do to a boolit mix after it raises the melt temp a little?


The Home Despot (no pun intended of course) and Lowest had NOTHING but that shiny $35.75 a roll er....stuff. and its not that I don't like silver. It's pretty and shiny and all of the things that primates like me like! Its just the lack of choice! Like Americans have become such cattle that they just EXPECT us to let them pat us on the back and protect us from that SCARY world out there. So its not the 95 Sn 5 Ag that worries me but, rather, the $35.75 thing. I was making some harder stuff for the .44 Redhawk to send down range at 1100 fps or so w/o leading me to death!

Actually, the world IS getting pretty scary to a primate like me but not for the reasons they think. Some day its maybe going to be nice to have learned how to do some things for myself - and if anybody gets hurt by the lead in my boolits it probably won't be me unless I have a bad misfire?

I found a great cartoon but I don't think I can post it because of the copyright thing but its two gunfighters discussing antimony and tin content while they face off etc.........

Steve buddy! Ya got number for that guy??? I.....uh....need some shelves built....that's it....shelves.


Yeah, I found Kester and Lenox on line but sometimes up here, its nice to spend the money locally and the benefit is....I get not to stand in line at the Post Office so long and there are still one or two local stores left in business that can't buy their goods to sell by the trainful. I know. Its a crazy concept but I am self employed and I have this small spot in my heart for the little guy. Even though our very small business friendly gummint takes 50% of every nickel I can convince someone to give to me and not some other employed guy!

Thanks to all of you who listened to all of the original and now this Sorry for the ranting but if I don't get it out here I have to reload a thousand rounds or so and go and make mayhem somewheres up here in the woods.......and them ole bears are wakin up this time of year.....and......shoot......I need to get out in them woods!

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