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Thanks for the comments and suggestions. I went ahead and ordered a couple of white outline sight blades for both revolvers from S&W ($10 each), but I'm not opposed to exploring other possibilities if these don't work out.

When ordering the sight blades, I had to figure out what size I needed. The Model 17 (.22LR) has a deeper notch on the rear sight (.160) as compared to the Model 14 (.38 sp) which has a .126 sight blade. I prefer the "deeper" sight and see it better. What's odd to me is that the Model 14 has a much taller front sight (but the shallow rear sight blade) - see picture below. Since the Model 14 shoots low (I have to obscure the center of target with the sights at 50 yards), I went ahead and ordered the deep notch sight (.160) for it and the same for the 17. Hopefully the 14 will have enough adjustment available to work for a 6 o'clock hold - I'm not too keen on covering what I'm shooting at for bullseye.

MODEL 14 --------------------------------------------------------------- MODEL 17

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