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Savage 1899 I.D.

I had such a good response with help in identifying my S&W revolver, that I thought I would 'ask the experts' for their input again.

I have an old Savage lever action rifle that my uncle (deceased) gave to me years ago before I was old enough to care about it's background. (The same story of the revolver.)

The description is as follows:
-The serial number is #132707 and is stamped on the bottom of the reciever ahead of the lever pivot, and on the steel butt of the forestock where there is also an 'F' stamp, AND on the forestock wood where the steel butt is mounted.
-It is a takedown model
-It is a straight lever
-I have 2 bbls. for it. (a '22HP' that I believe is the one that is the original,
and a '30-30' bbl)
-Both barrels are manufacture stamped Utica, NY with dates
-The 22 HP is marked 'model 1899'; the 30-30 is not marked with a model
-Both barrels are 20" long
-They both have integral base front sights, and semi buckhorn rear sights
-There is a '22' stamp in the copper revolving magazine body.
-The forestock is a heavy schnoble style
-The rear stock is homemade is not original
-The rear of the breechbolt is stamped '707' ( last serial # digits?)
-There is a 'Z' stamped in the face of the reciever where the forestock mounts.

I would appreciate any info/I.D. you may be able to provide.

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