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Vintage Taurus, what could it be worth?

My friend is selling a few firearms and I am helping him. He has a Vintage Taurus 38 special 6 shot revolver. It looks just like the pictures on this past post. Unfortunately I do not have the firearm with me, but I did take some notes.

It seems that these older model Taurus revolvers had a model marking inside when you swing out the cylinder. This one is marked "T 85" Model 85 I assume?

I did some googling, but there is a taurus model 85 currently in production that is much different from this one and makes up for 99% of the search results.

Anyway, he would like to sell all of his firearms and I don't want him to get ripped off. We have a potential buyer for this one and would like to throw a number at him soon.

I found this which looks just like it, but different model.

Also, this one here.

I don't imagine he is gonna make a killing off this revolver, but at least get the guy some gas money.

Thanks in advance.
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