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MR, the next time you're at that store, look for the lead free solder that spells out the ingredients. Find some that says 95% tin-5% antimony. That's the source I normally use for adding tin to my alloys. I normally don't mind the antimony because I'm usually adding it to alloy that already has antimony in it.

I think, but am not sure, that the "silver solder" is actually 95% tin and 5% silver. At least that's how I treated it when that's all I could find at the hardware store.

When making up 40-1 or 20-1 pure lead to tin, I DON'T want any antimony in it. That's when I use the little bars of pure tin I get from roto metals.

I agree 100% that I'm tired of being protected by big brother gubmint. The elimination of lead from all aspects of our daily lives is just plain foolish. It isn't all that harmful. Those demon wheel weights just fly off those tire rims and hunt us down to kill us! How stupid are we becoming? I'm not whining, I'm on a rant!
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