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and then it was 50-50......

I hate to whine. I hate to hear other people whine. Usually, if I just go out and get busy, I can get the job done before I quit whining....BUT

Now it's 50-50 solder? Then there is TSP which used to let me round up some loose metal ions. There's EDTA. I can buy it if I want to chelate clean my kidneys but not to clean up the shop so I don't NEED to chelate my kidneys.

Who sweats copper pipe with silver solder????? I have been using silver solder for years to make up my own bandsaw blades because I almost defy anyone to find a decently sharp bandsaw blade in a blister pack that will stay sharp for more than 3 cuts for less than $30. But now all I can find is lead free solder? Three stores. Three displays of lead-free SILVER solder for $35.75 a roll. I kept asking the store employees where they kept the REGULAR solder for working guys like me. 3 HOURS! I will never get those hours back! What happened to the concept of precious metals?

I guess that I should thank them for protecting me from......stupid ole me? Yep. Blonde to the core. I wonder how long it will be before I need to be protected from smokeless powder? OMG! And those dangerous explosive primers! No body should be allowed to buy ANY lead I guess. We might eat it. Or........for lack of any proper cleaners we might get contaminated. "They" are already curing me of my addiction to that filthy gasoline the hard way......

I say lets get rid of.....EVERYTHING but lime Jello! We might hurt ourselves with anything else. Just sit at home in a vat of lime Jello. Except I am not sure who is going to that house?

I guess I will get on to Rotometal and see if I can buy a little Tin to "fix" a mix that will not fill the mold for some reason no matter what I do. Next week when it gets here...... Heaven forbid I actually want to buy something locally and do

HUGE effing SIGH cause I don't even like listening to myself whine......:barf:
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