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Two parts standard fear mongering, one part curiously placed advertisement, and one half of one drop of truth.

The BATFE has proposed restrictions on the importation of shotguns.


I don't think the purpose is to control the Saiga. If you read the pdf, you will see that the Saiga as imported would continue to be acceptable.

In fact, it would affect so few shotguns that I'm not sure what the point is.

It has been speculated that perhaps the true purpose is to set precedent on what is considered a "non-sporting" shotgun so that they can take a stab at domestically produced "non-sporting" shotguns.

Noticed that "import" word in that e-mail as well. Aren't Remington and Mossberg two of many USA firearm manufacturers? They aren't imported.
That's not completely accurate. Off the top of my head, Remington's Spartan line is imported, although those are clearly sporting shotguns.
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