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copied/pasted from another thread...

I just heard from them.....the old man, Brian, died, and his kids are scrambling to stay on top of things and are buried...orders and inquiries are coming in faster than they can stick a finger in all the holes in the dike even for replies, and none of them have internet savvy and are trying to get a local college professor to update the site, and they work full time and have no way to write replies to everyone

I wrote a letter and the son called me, as i did give my phone number...the son was is the news....they are moving to a larger building, trying to get the 1-800 number everyone knows transferred, and will be in production in a couple of weeks, hopefully....previous orders, invoices, all packed....and he pleads everyone be patient, as they WILL honor orders....if you fear or suspect your order was lost, WRITE them....son is master machinist, but not up to snuff on trying to sort out a business that dad let slide as his health deteriorated, but he is doing his best....hang in there folks....
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