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Slow fire improvement + a question

Since posting here a few weeks ago asking for advice on slow fire bullseye, I've been doing a lot of dry fire practice at home using a 3/4" target repair dot at 13 feet. (Not dry firing the .22LR Model 17, but using its near-twin a .38 special Model 14). In addition, I am now shooting with both eyes open and taping one lens over based on knowledge gained on another TFL thread. I also switched ammo to the Wolf target match .22LR subsonic type. I'm not sure how much of a difference the ammo makes but it sure doesn't seem to be hurting.

Previously, I was struggling to average 70 points per SF round with my S&W Model 17 revolver. Last week, with the practice and the changes mentioned, I saw improvement and averaged 74.7 per round.

This morning, I switched guns to my Ruger Mark II (I use iron sights with all my guns) and was very pleased to average 82.7 (two rounds of 81 and one of 86), an average of 4 points per round higher than my previous best with that pistol.

It seems that the discipline and skills practiced with the revolver transfer well to the Mark II, which actually fits my hand a bit better with the Hogue target grips with thumbrest. I think the sights on the Ruger are also easier to see and align than those on the S&W. I've been thinking of upgrading the Model 14 and 17 rear sight blades to ones with a white outline as is used on my 686.

Any thoughts on what type of iron sights are best for bullseye that would be compatible with my S&W revolvers?

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