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Short answer Lee legal dept, is a little jumpier than Redding. I own an early model Glock 22, 40 S&W. This is the pistol that started it all. Unsupported Polygonal Barrel and gun can fire out of Battery. Add all this up, plus work hardening the brass at the base, and the potential is there for a problem.
I do not believe there is one gun manufacture that would say shooting reloads is recommended. Read the firearms manual that came with your gun, some will flatly state re loaded ammo will void your warranty.
This is because they have no control over re loaded ammo.
Having said that I size all my 40 S&W brass with the GR-X die. And because of the above, I do not load hot loads in this brass, my biggest concern is the brass will become work hardened or brittle at the base, But I have had 0 problems with hundreds of re loads threw this gun
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