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I'm not sure if you just neglected to mention it or if you don't do it, but you're not getting consistent measurements if you don't tap the measure to settle the powder.

You're looking to 'walk' the POI onto the X with 2 grain (or less?) load changes. I'll be honest - I just don't see that happening with a revolver. Maybe on an indoor range from a pistol rest and small calibers, but it just seems very unlikely anyone could see the difference two grains makes at 25 yards outdoors offhand with a .36 or .45.

Anyway, I'm glad you found the measure. Even though I'm skeptical I hope it works out as you want. It's good to see care and attention to detail rewarded.

Edit: Treso brand products are manufactured (distributed/marketed?) by The House of Muskets in Colorado. Their current catalog (dated 2005) lists this powder measure as a new product. Be aware the catalog contains a caveat regarding powder measures: "The indicated charges are at best only approximate due to the different powder grain size and other variables."

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