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It is after deer season, and you might have a good chance of finding a decent rifle and/or shotgun. For the rifle, I would look for a .243 if you have open areas like fields to hunt. In brush, you may want to look for a 30-30. I seem to see a lot of used 30-06 for sale in the Alabama area. It would also serve you well. You will want a 12 gauge for your shotgun. Check the Alabama hunting laws for type of shotgun rounds you are allowed to use. You may want to go with a rifled barrel in your shotgun if you can use slugs. A pump shotgun should be less expensive and will serve you well. I like Winchester, Remington and Mossebergs in pump guns. I like a Browning in Semi-auto. It is the height of turkey season right now. Used shotguns may be on sale or more available after turkey season.

For stands (both ground or tree) the weight is not too important. If you stalk hunt, the weight of either the rifle or shotgun will be a considertation. You might also want a sling especially if you are hosting guns up into a tree stand. Be careful, I think more hunter are injured by gun shots and an even greater number by falls related to tree stands.
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