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Originally Posted by m&p45acp10+1
For 55 grain bullets I like to use H-335. Nostler has it listed as most acurate powder tested at a charge of 25.0 grains. I loaded a few at lower, to a slight bit higher than 25.0 grains to make sure the load was safe in my rifle. What I found was a huge sweet spot on my rifle of half a grain either way on the charge scale with consitantly tight groups where the POI and POA matched up perfectly.

Note for a nice cool show of jugs of water blowing up try using some Hornady V-Max. They make a heck of a show. I load the 55 grain V-Max the same COL, and charge weight as 55 FMJBT. The load shoots way more acurately whan I am capable of milking out of it.
Yes and heck yes!

OP, if you do your load development correctly, you'll find a spot where the powder trickler is 100% not needed. And yeah, AMAX and VMAX blow stuff up good.

I really want to try H335, H4895, Varget, TAC, BLC-2, and XBR-8208. Right now I have a TON of Xterminator I got for like $10/lb, and some TAC.

For case lube, I dissolve Lee Case Lube paste into industrial denatured alcohol, in a spray bottle. I dump the cases into a gallon ziplock, spray them down, shake, spray again. They size like butter!
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