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Thanks for trying to help Mulefour and [email protected], but the powder measure you both described and even showed is the same 5 grain increment one that I spoke of and showed in my first post.

Mykeal, the reason I want a finer graduation in increments measure, is not necessarily because I want just one extra grain of powder. (But it could be). It's more that I want two or so more extra grains. Sure I could fire 20 grain loads in my .44, but I've been loading a tad over 20 grains with my other measure and guesstimating where 22 grains is. I'd simply like to know accurately for sure. Plus with non adjustable sights it nice to be able to try smaller increments than 5 to walk into the bullseye better with. Five grains is actually quite a bit. I just want smaller increments for finer tuning the load. Sure I could set the measure between the 5 increment marks of the dixie measure to get 2 & 1/2 grains more, but I'm doing that guesstimating already with my 10 grain increment measure. I don't want to have to guess. I want to know as accurately as I can. Here is the same 10 grain line increments sliding funnel measure I have, only mine is all brass, not with a plastic funnel and plunger like this below one is....

I know that tapping the measure will compress the load and I can get more grains into the measure, but that isn't consistent. So I pour from my flask into the measure, side my attached funnel over the end and then load. I just want to be able to do that at whatever single grain increment I choose.

I reload so I have a scale for very accurate measurements and even an adjustable powder thrower that I set with my scale. But trying to use a scale at the range is cumbersome in good weather, with a little wind (as is usual) it plays heck with dribbling powder in it and will blow the powder away.

I find nothing unusual about looking for a powder measure that can measure in single grains just like my scale does. I mean why not?

What I'm looking for is an adjustable pocket powder measure similar in style to that dixie one with the pivoting funnel (or even a sliding funnel like my current 10 grain one is). Only one that's marked in single grain increment lines instead of just 5 or 10 grain increment lines.

If I can't find it, I might just have to measure out my powder charges on my scale at home, go up a grain at a time and then pour them into the powder measure and scratch a mark on my measure's plunger and then jeweler file that mark so it's easy to see and make my own single grain increment powder measure. It's just that it would be nice to have one already made like that and not have to do all that measuring and marking and filing.

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