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The BEST ever!

"OXPHO-BLU works the best for me..."
Works super for me too! Best I have tried, and I've used them all.

The trick is to:

(a) Buy the cream formula, not the liquid, as it has better "cling" to rounded surfaces found on guns.

(b) Degrease (even though it says you don't need to) and wear rubber gloves, then preheat the parts with a blow dryer. I find it applies and sticks better to warm metal.

(c) After the first few coats applied with soft cotton, I "cure" it with Birchwood Casey Sheath. Then degrease it again, then reheat and apply again with 0000 steel wool lightly polishing it with the cream. Do as many coats as needed to get the color/finish you want.

When I've done this, and really taken my time, I have gotten great results that proved to be very durable.

I guess you could call this a "Warm Blue" formula, but it works for me.

Hope this helps.

Tight groups.

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