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Supposedly Goering said, "I say who's Jewish and who isn't," in response to some comment about someone who worked for him.

Also, supposedly during the brief period that Argentina controlled the Falklands, numbers of television sets were sold to the residents--on the installment plan. Being British/Falklanders, I assume the payments were made.

There is also a story about some British naval officer, I believe, being awarded some decoration based on the recommendation of the enemy, the Germans. Also sounds like something the British might do.

Mauser still exists as an arms company, though I don't believe they market small arms. In fact, they are one of our clients, along with several other armaments makers that exhibited at the SHOT show. I work in the trade show business. For a time we even had an M4 floating around the office when we did a project for the army, along with a box of uniforms (for a female mannikin!), helmet, the works. Surprisingly heavy little gun with a metal rail.
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