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Need info on any single grain increment BP revolver powder measure.

I have a BP revolver powder measure that has increments that show at every ten grains. But I can set it anywhere between those ten grain measurements. However, since the lines of measurement of my measure show only every ten grains, it is difficult to almost impossible to get an accurate measurement if I want to set it to somewhere between the ten grain increments.

I can get a measure that has 5 grain increments like this one but that still doesn't get me the single grain increments I would like to have....

5 grain increments is more accurate than my 10 grain increment one, but not as accurate as I'd like to be if I want to go smaller than 5 grain increments.

I'd like to know if any of you know of any single grain increment pocket sized powder measures for BP revolvers. That would be much more accurate for me to use instead of setting my measure at a guess between the 10 grain increment lines like I currently do. I'm probably pretty close to the 22 grains that I want, but a single grain increment measure would help me be more exact and accurate with my loads.

Any knowledge or links to single grain BP revolver powder measures would be greatly appreciated.

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