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Interestingly, I started loading my .223 ARs with H335 and naturally used it for my bolt action and was pleased with it until I tried H4895.

In my CZ 527, out of the 13 best loads across 45 to 65 grain bullets, H4895 owns 12 of the best loads now (10 are under 0.45 inches on average). The sole survivor for H335 is for a 63 grain Sierra bullet and it is a dandy at 0.409average. H4895 shot the same bullet to an average of 0.421. Not a great difference but enough to give the H335 the edge. Most of the other loads, the H4895 was more than 0.1 better.

So to keep from writing a log post, H4895 has pushed H335 out as my favorite powder with the .223 bolt action.

My ARs aren't accurate enough to see that kind of difference.
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