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The fact that a rogue federal agency has broken US laws should not come as a surprise.

BTW: The US ambassador to Mexico has resigned after Wiki-Leaks made public a cable where the ambassador dared to criticize the Mexican government.

Pascual also may have ruffled feathers in the Mexican government and Calderon's National Action Party by dating the daughter of Francisco Rojas, the congressional leader of the former longtime ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party. Mexican officials and the U.S. Embassy have declined to comment on that matter.

One of the leaked diplomatic cable that most angered Calderon was dated Jan. 29, 2010, and referred to friction between Mexico's army and navy while detailing an operation that led to the death of drug lord Arturo Beltran Leyva.

Pascual said the U.S., which had information locating Beltran Leyva, originally took it to the army, which refused to move quickly. Beltran Leyva was eventually brought down in a shootout with Mexican marines, which have since taken the lead in other operations against cartel capos.
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