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OK, ordering the stuff, powder suggestions?

Have had a couple weeks to learn the AR and after 400 rounds, I have enough brass to justify reloading.
As I mentioned earlier, I have two Lee pro1000 presses and two RCBS single stage. After all your advice, I've decided to start out the .223's single stage only.
I'm ordering from Midway the Lee 3-piece deluxe die set, the FCD, some lube and lube pad, a case gauge and hand trimmer, along with 55gn fmj bullets. I"m startin' out slow.
I have both a balance and digital scale, and a powder trickler. I'm gonna be careful with these. Like I said, loaded tens of thousands for handguns, this rifle stuff is all new!
What's your opinions on powder and loads? I'm not a benchrest kinda guy, I use a red-dot/laser and like to blow-up jugs of water and stale cans of plain label beer.
Thanks! Steve W.
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