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In Laws who don't like guns.

Hi guys,

My name is Adam and I work for a production company in NYC. We're currently working on a new show about married couples who are having problems with their in laws.

I am looking for someone who loves guns who has in laws that don't approve of it. While I have no problem with guns, and for that matter, support owning them, there are definitely people out there who don't. Nevertheless, this is a golden opportunity to work out these issues with your in laws.

You and your in laws will be working through your issues with an expert in a productive and helpful way. Don't worry--this show is not meant to make anyone look stupid, we're not here to exploit anybody, and most importantly, our goal is not to make gun owners look bad. Our goal--very simple--to make your family's relationships stronger.

Obviously, families will be getting paid (QUITE WELL) for participating.

If you're interested, please message me--I'd love to talk with you guys.

Thanks a lot,
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