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Cold Bluin our guns

Well, I played in a rock band and also wrote a novel Hell's Island/William D Hardy Jr. So I'm more artistic than engineering. Heck, I can't put a garden rake together without a struggle But I like pretty guns I like bluin--kinda gives me back an artistic flare. I did find something that works better than Perma Blue.

You have to practice--but if you want to re=blue your barrel get a perma blue kit and put the bluing aside. Use the de=greaser plus everclear before starting. G 96 bluin cream is the best I found. Swab it on w/ swabs from perma kit--not cue tips. Leave 4 minutes and spunge off w/ distilled water. Repeat. Then mix G96 w/ 3&1 oil and polish gently w/ cotten. Leave over might. If it ain't right-apply more cream and set for awhile and saturate again w/ 3&1 . No ballestol. Keep it up after 12 to 24 hrs and then polish with Ballestol. It worked for me but I would like to see some better experts showing how to maybe do it better.
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