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Don't know if anyone will be interested in these and I apologize ahead of time if they bog down your browser (or am I the only one on a SLOW connection? ) but these are out of that stereo microscope. They are of a brand new Lee .358 RN Tumble Lube mold. And believe me, I am not putting Lee molds down. I can't figure out how they can pay someone to chuck these up and sell them for $17 and have them turn out such pretty little things!!

Knife turning good 025.jpg

High water marks good 021.JPG

Surface Roughness Good 018.JPG

Good. They post as links so they won't slow anybody down who doesn't want to see them. I should have said that these were taken after cleaning the surface with acetone, then warm soapy water and then blowing them off with the compressor to get rid of any particulate.

It's hard to see depth in the pictures but all of the visible surface irregularities showed either raised surfaces or gouging. If I ever break down and buy an iron or steel mold I'll try to take the same kind of pics before using them if anyone is interested.

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